The Little Green Bird Story

Reduce · Reuse · Recycle

Mr Green & Little Miss Bird

We started making changes to our lifestyle around five years ago after looking into the impact humans have on this beautiful planet and having the sad realisation that we were part of the problem!

We've made a lot of changes already but we're in no way perfect and still very much on the journey to where we'd like to be.

We've learnt a lot along the way and are really passionate about continuing to find and share new ways to make our lives simpler, cheaper, greener, and more self-sufficient with a real focus on Reducing, Reusing & Recycling.

The fledgeling spreads it's wings

To start out, we’ll simply be listing highly rated goods that help make life a little greener. It may be a reusable item that replaces a common throw-away product, something made from recycled materials, or something that can be composted after use rather than sent off to landfill!

We hope that this site will provide you with some useful ideas and point you in the right direction for greener, alternative purchases you can make.

We will continue to add products as we find them and write about what we have learnt and are learning so stay tuned, we have lots of plans for the future.

NB. We currently link to Amazon products and make a small commission from any sales (at no extra cost to you) but we urge you to buy local if you can find green goods made locally. We hope in the future to be able to team up with small, local, green businesses offering sustainable and responsible alternatives.