Solar Lights with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


We love solar but hate waste so after having bought solar garden lights before that didn’t last long before they stopped working we wanted to list some on the site that had some kind of guarantee or amazing reviews and found these that have both! Solar Glow are so confident with their lights that they come with a lifetime replacement guarantee and looking at the reviews it seems this is because they are so good they last!

Last updated on December 17, 2019 1:10 am
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  • SIX (6) LIGHTS COVER YOUR PATH! Bright clear light shines forth from each LED light in this 6 pack. Position them on your path for the ultimate in beauty AND safety!
  • NO-HASSLE INSTALLATION! Simple, EASY installation out of the box! There’s NO HASSLE because there are NO WIRES! Runs completely on solar power. Turns on at dark, off at dawn!
  • SOLAR-POWERED! NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! Save money on electricity when you use the sun. Plus… there are NO BATTERIES to replace BECAUSE THEY RECHARGE THEMSELVES!!
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT! No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. Rugged ABS plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any LED lights on the market! Made tough and sealed tight!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! If you ever have any issues with your SolarGlow lights, simply contact them for a replacement at no charge!